Support Groups

Weekly Support Groups


  • Monday’s I-Grow 5:00PM–6:00PM

This interactive group utilizes art projects, games, and activities to

Increase Self-awareness. Youth are encouraged to express

themselves in creative ways.

Ages 12-20 years old.

  • 2nd Monday of Each Month Teen Vaping Presentation 5:00PM-6:00PM

A monthly educational presentation on the dangers of vaping. Provides information on nicotine and marijuana vaping products and the health concerns related.

Ages 13-20

  • Tuesday’s Self-Regulation 5:00PM–6:00PM

Explore strategies for coping, dealing with anger, and managing stress.

Ages 12-20 years old.

  • Wednesday’s Life Skills 5:00PM-6:00PM

Get ready for adult living! Learn about health, decision making,

nutrition, jobs, budgeting, apartment life and much more.

This group is interactive, fun, & informative for young adults.

Ages 16-20 years old.

  • Thursday’s Relaxation 5:00PM –6:00PM

Learn to utilize relaxation techniques for stress. This group

encourages youth to regulate their emotions by using visual imagery, breathing

techniques, and mindfulness.

Ages 12-20 years old.

Additional Groups

Youth Council

This weekly group assists youth in developing and practicing leadership skills. Youth will work as part of a team on service projects, event planning, advocacy, and program development.

Email Alex at or call 517-245-3542 to register.

Ages 14-20 years old

Umbrella Initiative

LGBTQ+ Group. This group focuses on providing a safe place for teens who identify as LGBTQ+ and their allies. Email Casey at  or call 810-599-1700 to register.

Ages 14-20 years old


All groups are being hosted in person. For questions about attending virtually please contact the group facilitator or call 866-440-7233.